20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Training Week 8: You Will Hydrate!

Goofy2011 021Wow, what a week and what a fun 14 miles.  I ended up having to run the 14 on Friday, and glad I got it in.  Thanks to John and Jimmy for hanging out with me and running, and also had no music.  So this 14 was the longest I have run since my surgery and longest without music.  Fun and hard run.  One thing I did notice the day was a bit hotter and I had my 4 little bottles of water/Gatorade with me.  However, that was not enough and ended a little dehydrated.  This reminded me of my post I wrote in 2009, so I am going to repurpose it hear.  Being dehydrated is a serious condition something I learned about in 2005 at the Marine Corps Marathon at mile 20.

I cratered right around mile 20.  Mile 20 is when the lack of training, proper nutrition, proper hydration all came to a head in a perfect storm.  I finished but I was hurting pretty bad.  As I was going through going through the food line, bagels, Gatorade, water, bananas….etc.  I found a place and I tried to eat..  That is right I tried to eat.   I could not eat and barely sip the water I had.  I thought I was just tired, and decided to sit and rest for a minute.  I sat down, and started to cool down and felt a little bit better. 

I still could not eat, so I decided to stand up and walk around a bit to try to keep loose.  When I stood up my vision started to tunnel and I got real foggy and hazy.  Lucky for me a Marine volunteer was nearby and I told him I did not feel right.  They had me sit down while they took my blood pressure.  I remember them telling me it was really low and they had my lie down.  My blood pressure seemed to get better, and they had me sit-up but the tunnel vision came back, and they had me lie back down.

This is when they  informed me I was going to get a free ambulance ride,  I was dehydrated. and remembered thinking wow, did I really mess up.  I was a little nervous, as they wheeled me into the back of the ambulance and I met Ann who would by emt on the 10 minute ride to the hospital.    Ann was fantastic, and as I was laying there she was going through the litany of questions, height, age, weight…etc.   Then she got to my favorite question here is my transcript

    • Ann: Do you hurt anywhere?
    • Me: Lady, I just got done running a marathon, and I hurt everywhere!
    • Ann: Okay, smart aleck, aside from marathon pain do you hurt anywhere?
    • Me: No, I am fine.

As you could imagine, I was extremely thankful to have the wonderful volunteers and staff to make sure I made it back home safely.  As I was reflecting back, I realized I had not trained hard enough, and that more than any other reason was why I cratered.  It also got me more in tune with my body and listen to the signals, it also told me I have to train for my next one, and my wife sent me an interesting article about some of the risks:

Marathon runners suffer temporary heart damage

So in the end it is all about Training and Hydration and listening to your body!  Be safe out there!

This is the week of training (novice2):








4 hills


Rest Rest Rest




Cross/mow the lawn  Smile

Have a great and blessed week!

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