31 Days of Our Favorite Things: Goodbye CHKDSK Hello ReFS in Windows Server 2012 (Part 15 of 31)

imageIn today’s post we take a look at a new file system in Windows Server 2012.  The resilient file system or ReFS is the new file system is designed to be self correcting and tuning.  It adds a tremendous tool for maintaining your volumes on your Windows Server 2012, while we feel this will be the file system for the future of servers, there are some limitations.  Take a look at Keith’s post here:

Improve File Server Data Resiliency with ReFS in Windows Server 2012 - 31 Days of Favorite Features in #WinServ 2012 ( Part 15 of 31 ) 

We hope you are enjoying the series and check out Windows Server 2012 by taking a look at these downloads:

If you missed any of the parts you can find the rest of the series here: 31 Days of Our Favorite Things in Windows Server 2012.

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