31 Days of our Favorite Things: There is No I in Team but There is a NIC(Part 7 of 31)

imageYou probably have doing NIC teaming in your infrastructure for a few years now.  Was it easy?  Could it use multiple vendors NICS?  Well we have finally added NIC Teaming into Windows Server 2012 that:

  • Doesn’t care what the NIC vendor is,
  • Doesn’t’ care about the NIC’s network speed, and
  • Actually doesn’t care if it’s wired or wireless. 

Kevin takes on a great look at the feature here: 31 Days of our Favorite Things: Yes, there is an “I” in Team. The NIC Team in Windows Server 2012 (Part 7 of 31) 

We hope you are enjoying the series and check out the features by taking a look at these downloads:

If you missed any of the parts you can find the rest of the series here: 31 Days of Our Favorite Things in Windows Server 2012.

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