31 Days of our Favorite Things: Space I Need More Space! (Part 6 of 31)

imageHow many of you say you have too much storage for your datacenters?  I am willing to bet it is nobody.  We have an ever increasing need for storage and data unless you are leveraging cloud services.  Well in this part Keith, takes a great look at Storage Spaces to help leverage storage you may already have on your servers.  Take a  you can take a look at the post here:

Right-size IT Budgets with "Storage Spaces" in Windows Server 2012 - 31 Days of Favorite Features in #WinServ 2012 ( Part 6 of 31 )  

We hope you are enjoying the series and check out the features by taking a look at these downloads:

If you missed any of the parts you can find the rest of the series here: 31 Days of Our Favorite Things in Windows Server 2012.

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