20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Training Week 5: Running with Technology

Goofy2011 012So this is a fun post for me to write and the technology for running has come a long way from Pheidippides   I think most of us run with a GPS watch, heart rate monitor, and music,.  That does even include the technology built into our clothing from shoes, to wicking fabric, socks….etc..  The point is that we run with a lot of technology, some technology is necessary, like clothing and some are a conveniences like music.  For me the tech I have used the most is music and a heart rate monitor.  The heart rate monitor became an important part of running to really get me to push myself.  I knew if I was thinking I was tired, I could rely on the heart rate monitor telling me to go faster.  It is like having my own running coach on my watch who is nicer than my good friend and coach Jimmy.  The watch does not call me names. 

Running with music is one of those polarizing topics and personally I do not think I could live without it.  Especially long training runs or runs on the treadmill, I like the mental distraction.  More importantly, I simply love music!  To me the music also provides a little motivation and in most cases my music will come from movies I have seen.  This adds to my run and I really like it.  I think to some extent we all find a way to mentally distract us from the long run.  Whether we run with friends or on a race the distractions play a part of why we run.  Each has their own answer and how you you approach music.  However, during races sometimes music is not allowed or discourage.  Check with your run on what the rules are and some of you maybe remember the post I wrote in 2008 Goofy Training Update: Am I a Cheater?  It surprised me how polarizing this topic could be and what I really thought was funny for the Disney races I did really use music.  Why?  There is just too much going on during the run and provided me with a constant distraction.  Besides I was too busy taking pictures.

I decided to write this post based on some new technology I just got.  I just picked up a Garmin Forerunner 210.  At first I did not think I needed a GPS watch, I enjoyed mapping my runs before I went out running or verifying distance with my car afterwards.  After 5 runs with the watch, I am hooked.  Not only does it help me track my distance, but my heart rate, pace, intervals, distance…etc.  I was simply amazed about the amount of data I can use at the end of the run to really to see how I did.  I was even surprised when it told me about the elevation gain.  Now when I am running, I am just going and cannot imagine running without a GPS watch,  here is an example of what the watch will give you:


With that in mind sometimes it is very freeing to just throw on your clothes on and go.  No tech just you, your heart and the thud of your feet, a good friend of mine Brian wrote this excellent post: Race Naked  So have fun and enjoy your running!

This is the week of training:








3  hills


Rest Rest Rest




Cross/mow the lawn  Smile

Have a great and blessed week!

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