20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Training Week 4: Running with Someone

Goofy2011 004Happy week 4!  This is going to be a great week of training and I am just jacked up and ready to run this week. 

While I know I still have a long time to go until the run and several longs week in front of me, I feel good about this week!  I think what is helping me this week (and really this entire training) is that I know I will be running with friends throughout this entire training.  While it was great meeting friends online like Pearl (miss ya this year) it is not the same has someone their in the morning to run with.   I have at least 4 of my friends who are all running together in January and we all live close to one another.  So finding someone to run with is as simple as sending and email and picking a location.  In my previous runs I just ran alone for a majority of my training, which is not always the most fun but you have to do it.  So you run.  What is great about having someone to run with is when the alarm goes off really early for a long run, like my 11 mile this weekend it gets me out of bed.  I do not want to be the one who bails and is called a slacker.  While I get a long with my running partners they can be mean when you no show.  Smile

More importantly when it comes to running in January, having everyone run together really helps to share the joy of running in Disney.  The picture was from 2011 when Jimmy and I were running the half.

So I truly am looking forward to running this week, and having my friends along with me.  Just reminds me of Toy Story:

This is the week of training:


Cross Train






4 hills


Rest Rest Rest




rest/mow the lawn  Smile

Have a great and blessed week!

Comments (2)

  1. Pearl Quan says:

    I am with you virtually!!!!   Keep going and I'll try and run with you… virtually!… but I tell ya… the weather here in Canada can get pretty cold fast!

    Looking forward to hearing about your training!

  2. Matt Hester says:

    LOL, I know Pearl, you will be missed with my shiny new bling!  🙂  Nice to know someone is running with me!

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