20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Training Week 3: You can rebuild him….

imageSo here I am a bit behind again, but the travel this week was a bit heavier than I expected so sorry for the delay.  For those of you following along at home I am using the Hal Higdon Novice 2 program: Novice 2.  So last week I mentioned I am not running Goofy this year, and the main reason I am recovering from major foot surgery I had in October  to repair a hammer toe I had for years.  I had two screws put into my foot to correct the problems and 1 pin to fix the issue, and really just started running again March.  I was not running for almost 6 months.  I think it drove everyone a little nuts.   However I am back and running.   I have taken it slow, and just feels good to run again without orthotics. I have completed 2 1/2 marathons since then and feeling strong.   I think a big change for me was being able to try different shoes and I fell in love with Altra.  Great shoe!  I was a featured Altra-manic (warning: the post will also have an x-ray of my foot): https://blog.altrazerodrop.com/featured/mattheste/ 

If you read the article I am sold on these shoes.  My advice to runners be open to change. I find most runners are with the exception of shoes. When it comes to shoes runners can be stubborn, I was and I know most of you are. My advice to everyone is to try these shoes.

Simply put these are the best shoes I have ever worn. I wear them when I am walking around the house, mowing my lawn and most importantly when I am running! I will never go back to another shoe! I wear the Provisions to run in and a pair of Instincts for everything else. These are truly a life changing shoe for me. Keep up the fantastic work! You can learn more about Altra and their shoes here:  http://bcove.me/awmmsupe   If you try them let me know what you think!

So this weeks training, gets a little less mileage, but love my hills!   Again I am basing my training off Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 program: Novice 2








3 Hills







Have a great a Blessed week!

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