20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Training Week 2: Hooray Bling!

So it has officially begun, technically it began last week, I was just a bit behind.  Life can get crazy like that.  I am running the 20th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Marathon.  You may be asking two questions, first you might have the sane question, why not goofy?  Well that is a little bit of a longer story, I will save for next week.  There are quite a few reasons, the main one is I want a new experience.  Having done Goofy twice was a lot but had a lot of the same feel.   I wanted to just be able to focus on the one run, so really looking forward to this one.  Also I plan on running the Goofy challenge on the 10 year anniversary in 2015.  Anyone with me?. 

The second question you may ask yourself is why? That is simple.  This year is all about the bling, look at the medal:


That is one sweet medal and it even spins you can see a video of it here:

So this week is a good week and like last year, I will be incorporating hills, became a believer in 2011, thanks Jimmy!


Cross Train/ Lower Body






3 Hills







Have a great a Blessed week!

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  1. Um, wow. I thought the video was a picture of a medal with a video icon on it. So you're running for the medal? Do you run in Disney World? Is there a map of the route somewhere? This is intriguing.

  2. Matt Hester says:

    Thanks Keith.  Ed, yes we run through the parks in Disney World, the map is here: as1.wdpromedia.com/…/2013-WDW-Course-Map.pdf Looks like this year is already sold out, it is a one in kind of run.  This will be my 3rd time through the parks.

  3. Jimmy Hart says:

    it's a good time. sold out but lots of charity spots still open.

  4. Pearl Quan says:

    I am so jealous!!!!!   But I will be there with you in 2015 for the 10th Anniversary of Goofy… in which I will be doing… not only goofy but adding the 5K on Friday… making me Dopey!

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