5 Bold Predictions for the NFL 2012

nfl-logoWell it is that time of the year again!!!  I almost forgot but it is time  for my annual bold predictions for the NFL 2012 Season!  Before I get started lets recap: Last year I took a step back a bit, still got 2 out 5 correct. So what is in store for this season. By now you already know at least one of my predictions and that is why it is 1st. So let’s get started and as always GO BROWNS!
  1. Cleveland Browns are going to win the Super Bowl! Yeah I know I make this prediction every year and we finished second to last in the division last year.  However, I think we have some exciting additions in Trent Richardson and Brandon Wheedon.  Not to mention the ownership changes, maybe things are starting to look up.  Although I think Coly got a bit of a raw deal, I am glad the team did keep him and would not be surprised to see him return to the starting role.  GO BROWNS!
  2. Peyton Manning League MVP, Some could argue that he was the MVP in his absence which turned into the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  I really hate Denver, but I think Peyton is going to lead them to the playoffs and possibly a deep playoff run.  Their Defense is still extremely solid, Time will tell
  3. BY Week 9 Tim Tebow will be Starting in New York, I know the Broncos made a mistake in letting him go and I think the Jets did get a bit of steal.  IF Mark Sanchez shows any inconsistency he will be the starter before the end of the year.  This could be sooner than my predicted game 9. 
  4. Replacements Refs will be here for 5 weeks.  I am almost had them for the entire year, but I think they will do a good enough job for the first 5 weeks of the  season.  I think the refs will come to the realization the lost money is not worth the hold out and they will come back to the league.  Alternatively the replacements could be horrible and the league would be forced to meet the referee demands.  So either way the refs will be back in week 5.
  5. Miami Dolphins will get the top pick next year.  After watching Hard Knocks, I think Miami is in for a long year.  I did not agree with their talent selection based on what the show highlighted.  Of course it is all about the editing and I could be extremely mislead.

Well there are my 5 predictions feel free to discuss, debate or disagree.

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