Where have I been a tale of: Relocation and Refrigerators

So I have been quiet for a long time since I have been somewhat quiet over the past few months.  Well it has been a whirlwind, so if your interested read on. 

Business Tale:

So my career side I have decide to take a bit of change inside of Microsoft and step away from technical evangelism for a while.  After 8 years I have met some tremendous folks in the community but it was time for my career to take new path.  I started a new role as a Datacenter Solution Specialist (DCSSP).  I focus on driving System Center and Windows Server technologies for our customers.  The role is more as trusted advisor to the accounts I support and will require me to learn about licensing.  Now I know most of you  are probably laughing at this point.  After I have spent most of my time at Microsoft avoiding the licensing conversation, it is now a core part of my job.  It will help me to grow and understand the underlying business value of our technologies. You know I firmly believe our technology is fantastic and now I will be able to show the business value alongside the technical value.  What I have seen so far has been great and look forward to sharing.  Especially with all new versions on the horizon this is going to be an exciting role.

txAnother major factor driving the decision was a family desire to get back to home, in TX. As many of you know we were relocated a few years back to Ohio, but it was time to head back to TX,.  This is where all my kids were born and where we were for 12 years.   I was blessed enough to have an opportunity to get back to TX  and while I will miss golf with my dad, I am absolutely certain this is the right decision.

Personal Tale:

marathonSo while the relocation has been a major factor in the timing of my blogging and fitness.  I had one other aspect that has kept me busy for a while in October of last year I had surgery to fix my foot.  I had been dealing with a bad hammer toe and bunion for the last 3 years (even during my Goofy Runs)  IT was time to get it fixed.  2 screws and pin later and close to 4 months of down time.  I am in the slow process of getting back into shape.  However I do have a goal, on January 13, 2013 my buddy Jim and I will be running the 20th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend  .  Who is with us?

IMG_7946So the relocation has been a lot of work, but I do have one funny story to share.  So the first day in our new house we get all of our boxes and furniture moved into our house and it was late when the movers where done.  We decided as a family to spend the night in my little apartment.  Before we left I got my refrigerator hooked up and water connection working.  I reached inside the freezer and turned on the ice maker.  We left.  The next morning I was in the house to get our TV’s hooked up.  When I walked in I smelled burnt plastic.  Do you know what smells like burnt plastic in the morning?  The inside of the freezer smells like burnt plastic.  There must have been a tremendous short as you can see from the pictures, so I am very blessed we did not burn the house down and the we got a new refrigerator.  So all good in the end.

So What’s Next?

I will still be trying to blog a little here and there.  While I learn my new role and transition into the new role.  One question I do have, do you have interest in my talking about the licensing with System Center 2012?  In fact some of you reading this post may already own the next generation of our System Center Products.   There are some interesting ways to get our latest technologies and I would love to make sure you aware of them.  So if your interested just drop me a line. 

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