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newsflash_logoIn the month of March Ed Wilson is going to be running a PowerShell Webcast series and if you are at all interested you should sign up.  Ed is truly a PowerShell ninja master and this will be a great series. 

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Take a look at the first session sounds great and looks like there will be a lot of practical demonstrations!:

In this session, Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson discusses the fact that in addition to being the management future for Microsoft products, Windows PowerShell offers a number of compelling reasons for learning it. These reasons include the following:

  • It is powerful and provides the ability to collect and to consolidate information from multiple remote systems into a centralized view of the data.
  • It is safer than many other tools and offers the ability to prototype a command prior to the command execution.
  • There is also a confirmation mode that will let a network administrator or other IT professional selectively step through a group of commands to pick commands to execute or ignore.
  • It has built-in logging that provides documentation of not only what commands are executed but also the resultant output from those commands.
  • It contains numerous features to promote a high level of discoverability and intuitive usability. and demonstrations.

This session is heavy with practical tips and demonstrations.

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