Recap (A Down Year): 5 Bold Predictions for the NFL 2011

nfl-logoWell this year was not nearly as good as last, and is really a bummer year for my predictions.  I am getting a better understanding of what is the trends are, so look for some better predictions next year!  On the bright side I did pull a Chuck Woolery with my results this year:

Total 2.2

  1. Cleveland Browns are going to win the Super Bowl! Yeah I know I make this prediction every year and we finished second to last in the division last year. However, we only lost a 4 games by double digits the entire year. With Colt McCoy looking solid and of course with Peyton Hillis surprising the league. I look forward to seeing a balanced attack this year and with a tremendous amount of positive improvement!: GO BROWNS!
    Result: .1
    Okay so this was a predictable score and the Madden Curse hit Peyton Hillis, so why did I give myself .1.  Put simply I was the first kid on my block to have the madden game and more importantly in the game the Browns went undefeated and won the Super Bowl, so I give myself .1
  2. Aaron Rodgers, League MVP, Aaron Rodgers is becoming a premier QB in the NFL after winning the Super Bowl last year and he still looking good for the year. I think he will have another tremendous year this and could possibly have the Packers in the Super Bowl this year.
    Result: 1  Nailed this one, and Aaron Rodgers had a great year and well deserved of the award.  I did truly think I was going to have to myself a score of .5 with the great year that Drew Brees had.  In the end however for my wife’s packers they did not make the Super Bowl.
  3. BY Week 5 Tim Tebow will be Starting in Denver, This is one of my favorite predictions this year and being a Buckeye fan this might surprise you. I just have a feeling Orton is going to lose the first few games and Denver will be looking for a change. Tim Tebow has it and I disagree with a lot of people about him. He has “it” and he is a winner. This could be fun for Denver fans.
    Result: 1 Wow, Is should almost get double points on this one.  He started Week 5 and the Broncos just had an amazing run.  While Tebow did not have the stats, he is still a tremendous leader on the field, and next year could be very interesting with that great defense.
  4. Terrelle Pryor will be Playing Receiver by end of the year. He is not a NFL QB and he does not have what it takes in my opinion. But with his size and speed, he could look to be a great receiver in the NFL. There are plenty of great examples of college QB’s who becoming successful (Joshua Cribbs, Hines Ward, Kordell Stewart…etc). I think he could be great as a receiver, and I will make a bonus prediction his first TD in the NFL will be as a receiver.
    Result: 0  Missed this one altogether, but I was kinda close I knew he would not play QB and in fact the Raiders did bring in Carson Palmer, and not Terrelle Pryor to run the offense.  Pretty Telling, I may make this some prediction next year.
  5. NFC West Champion will be 500…again, Okay this would have been a great prediction for last year, but looking at the schedules, I see this happening again. Unless one of the teams sweep the division, I see this as another down year for the NFC West. If I had to pick, I do like the Rams as the champion.
    Result: .1  Another almost goose egg, but who could have predicted the San Francisco 49er’s and Handshake gate.  Wow what a great year for the 49er’s I know my realtor was happy!  So why the .1 the other teams in the division records were 8-8, 7-9, 2-14.  So take away the 49ers and 500 is the winner.

As always:

Go Browns!

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