Evaluation Downloads for Virtualization, Management and Training Resources

cloudOne of the fun things I get to do everyday is point people to products and resources.  With IT there seems to be an ever changing world and transformation on the tools and resources we use almost happens daily. have a had a few folks ask where can I get the tools and resources to test some the new features for working with virtualization on my own (private cloud) or the public cloud.  Well if you are looking to get the cloud on your terms I have several resources some learning resources and mostly trial software)  now that can help to get you started today.  I will also have throughout the year hopefully a few more fun and resources for you to try and take for a test spin.  If you download the bits let me know what you think! 

Here are the resources and (click on the title for the links)

I hope you enjoy and download the links and take our software for a test drive!

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  1. nidhinck@hotmail.com says:

    Awesome work Matt!!!

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