Lego Fest 2011 Update Week 3: The Best Build Week

Sorry for the delay in the update but week 3 was a productive week, we got a total of 16 kits done.  Included several variations of Harrison Ford.  Several Star Wars kits as well as an Indiana Jones kit.  I really enjoyed building the The Battle of Endor kit, basically 6 different models.  Fun stuff.  My son really loved building all the kits and enjoyed the mini kits.  The Lego pile is slowly being reduced and with hopes to be done sometime next week. I am on the road this week and not sure if my son will build by himself.



On another side and geek note, one my colleagues from Australia, Jeff Alexander, sent me this post about another use of Lego bricks how about a computer server, take a look at this post to see an actual server built with Lego:

Lego Folding Farm

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