Lego Fest 2011 Update Week 1 is in the bricks!

So a few people asked me is your son helping you with the Lego sets?  My answer this week is no, but I did it all for him with the help of my youngest packer fan.  He was away for camp and my initial idea was get them all built, but with over 30 sets, it was not going to happen.  However when he did see all the kits built he was excited.  








Overall it was good week got 9 kits built and did not drive myself too nuts looking fore pieces, this coming week, my son will be helping so look for an update.

Comments (3)

  1. IngeR says:

    9 sets-Awesome!

    Well done for tackling such a mammoth task.

    I know how intimidating Lego can be when it is all mixed up together.

    Good luck with it



    The Brick Life

  2. Matt Hester says:

    Thanks Inger, I has a lot fun, and glad I found most of the pieces.  Looks like you run an interesting site can you tell me more about the bricklife?

  3. nkroger says:

    Now I have to go look for my boxes of Lego.  Looks like fun building old sets.


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