PowerShell Not Your Father’s Command Line Part 30 of 31: PowerShell Likes the Pretty Blue Eyes of Azure Too


In this brief post I wanted to touch briefly on some useful PowerShell cmdlets you will be finding in many data centers in the near future.   These cmdlets are very new and in future posts, after I do some more research, you will see more on the Azure cmdlets.  The cmdlets are based on the the Windows Azure Management and Diagnostics APIs and the full source code is available through this CodePlex project so you can better understand the underlying APIs. Finally, the documentation included with the download package also shows how to use the cmdlets to perform a new Windows Azure deployment and retrieve information about a hosted service.   You can download the cmdlets here:

Windows Azure Platform PowerShell Cmdlets

azurepsThe Windows Azure Platform PowerShell Cmdlets enable you to browse, configure, and manage Windows Azure Compute and Storage services directly from PowerShell. These tools can be helpful when developing and testing applications that use Windows Azure Services. For instance, using these tools you can easily script the deployment and upgrade of Windows Azure applications, change the configuration for a role, and set and manage your diagnostic configuration. There is also some great documentation for the cmdlets here:  To Learn more about the Azure cmdlets 

You can view a full list of the PowerShell Cmdlets here.  Here is a quick screenshot of all the cmdlets:

Thanks for reading and if you missed any of the previous posts you can find a master list of series postings located here: PowerShell Not Your Father's Command Line: 31 Days of PowerShell or on Sarah’s blog here: PowerShell Not Your Father's Command Line: 31 Days of PowerShell. Lastly Sarah and I want to hear from you email either of us with your comments or suggestions for future postings let us know, we look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

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