PowerShell Not your Father’s Command Line part 5 of 31: Where in the World is Part 5

As some of you know for the second book (Automating Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows PowerShell 2.0).   I had a fantastic co-author Sarah Dutkiewicz.  Sarah is a C# MVP that I have known for years.  You may be wondering why I asked a developer to help write my book.  The answer is actually quite simple, because I needed to.  PowerShell has a wealth of abilities that IT Pro’s like you and I can take advantage of.   It also has plenty, and I mean plenty to offer programmers.  This is why I asked Sarah to help with the book.  To not only tap into her knowledge (she was also my Technical Editor) but also so she could bring her unique perspective about PowerShell to the table.  We also thought it would be great if she wrote some of the posts in this series as well. 

So Where is Part 5 anyway? You can find it on Sarah’s blog here (I think the title she chose for her post is very appropriate):

PowerShell Not Just IT’s Command Line Part 5 of 31: What’s in it for Devs? 

You can also find a master list of series postings located here PowerShell Not Your Father's Command Line: 31 Days of PowerShell or on Sarah’s blog here: PowerShell Not Your Father's Command Line: 31 Days of PowerShell

Remember if there is a topic on PowerShell you are curious about and would like Sarah or myself to cover in these postings, all you need to do is ask. Email either of us with your comments or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

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