Heartland IT Pro User Groups

One of the great aspects of my job is I get to work with a lot of different user groups and meet lots of people from the IT Pro community.  Well I did my best to get a list of all the IT professional  user groups I work with in the Heartland territory (Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee). 

To that end here is the list of the IT Professional user groups in the area:

Heartland IT Pro User Groups 

This list is by no means complete, and is meant to be a “living list”.  The above page is a list of the groups that I know about.  If you do not see your user group, and would like to.  It is simple, just contact me and I will add it and hopefully come and visit.

My only ask is that the user group be IT Pro focused

Notice I did not say Microsoft focused.

If you run a Linux, VMware, Apple group (or other non-MS specific group)  I want to know about your group and I will put you in the listing.  Heck I may even show up to a meeting. 🙂

You will always be able to access this list via the link to the right on my blog, and if you have any questions let me know.

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