Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge 2011: Results and Recap

What can I say this run again was:


Goofy2011 088 Thankfully God allowed me to make the trip around the parks safely while I was still smiling and profiling.  He also kept my friend Jimmy safe from hurting himself more, read about Jim’s recap here (some very sobering and good food for thought) :  Race Recap: Disney World Goofy Challenge 2011 Although I know Jimmy wanted to finish, it turned out his decision not to run the full, was a great decision.   I know he is going to rock this run and I hope I get to be there to see it.

Again even though it was not as great as my first time through Disney (after all it is the sequel), it still was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.   Personally I could not have asked for better days or friends to run with.   I got to meet Pearl and we chatted and she had two terrific runs!  What makes Disney so special for me is all the people and this run there seemed to be more people than I remember.  More importantly they woke up early and when I came running by on both days they were still loud and supportive!  Also all the characters on the course, there was many a photo opt to be had and I took over 90 pictures from both days!  Again this is a special run, and if you are looking for a first or a unique run, this is the best!!!!!!!!!

Goofy2011 005 So on to the run recaps.  Let’s start with the half! Personally I would have liked to be a bit faster on the 1/2 marathon but with all the pictures I took and the almost 10,000 more runners I was not all that disappointed in retrospect.  However I am mostly to blame for this, okay I am all to blame for this.  I had a plan to run the first 10 minutes and then go into Galloway 4-1.  This is how I trained for the 18 weeks leading up to Disney.  So what did I do, ignored my plan and went running and paid the price.  While I will ALWAYS stress Disney is not about time it is about FUN, we all have personal goals for the runs and I wanted to be just to be  a little faster, I still had roller coasters to ride in the afternoon!

Overall the 1/2 had the same great build up of starting in the dark and heading toward the castle.  One amazing sight  for me was I go to see  the winner of the 1/2 at about mile 6.  He was going the other way and he was passing a wheel chair racer, simply amazing machine.  It was also kinda depressing knowing I was 6 miles behind him. :-)  This race did get crowded and there where portions of the run the got really crowded where walking was faster than running.  So when in Rome.  I was really sore after the run from all the bobbing and weaving and this run felt more like survival then the fun 1/2 from 2009.  Thanks to Betty (race retreat massage torturer) my legs got a much needed tune up for the marathon.

Speaking of the marathon, I was a bit worried at the start of the day about being able to complete the run.  My legs where still sore and I was a little tired and my friend Jimmy was not going to be there.  Also looking back at the 3 hour time I put up for the 1/2 I was asking myself will I get picked up.  I said a quick prayer of thanks,  for safety and to finish and I set out to run.  Again as we started to run I was reminded how magical Disney is and my worries where quickly eased.  The miles went by quickly and more importantly I was sticking to my plan. run the first 10 minutes and went into 4 and 1 intervals.  I love it when a plan comes together and more importantly I loved my watch at the 1/2 way point, it said 2:41:34 (12:20 pace). With 1/2 to go I knew I was going to make it and was just running and having fun.  Disney this year had more characters than I remember and I think I took pictures with all of them, and even some strangers.  Ultimately I crossed the line and just had a great day.

Goofy by the numbers:

  • 3 am, the time I had to wake up each morning
  • 4 am, the time I had to be on the bus to the starting line
  • 5:30 am, first wave started  Goofy2011 069
  • 1/2 hour later when I started
  • 1/2 Marathon Time: 3:02:57,  Pace: 13.57 (which was almost 30 minutes slower from2k9) due to:
    • 21,980 1/2 Marathon Finishers which was almost 10,000 more than 2009
  • Marathon Time: 05:44:19:  Pace 13:07 (only about 11 minutes slower fro 2k9) most likely due to the 60 pictures I stopped to take
  • 4:38:07 Total time for both runs for my brother-in-law (yes he is that fast!)
  • BTW he finished the Phoenix Marathon the following Sunday in 2:58!
  • 13,540 Marathon Finishers
  • 4,813 Goofy Finishers
  • Calories burned in the two days: 6500
  • Amount of Pictures taken during the runs: 91 (all on facebook send me a friend request mentioning this post and you can see them all)
  • Totals Miles Trained: 480 and 39 hills  (this was 132 miles less than 2009)






39 hills







DSCI0925 Even though the total mileage was almost 132 miles  less than 2009 I felt stronger.  I think mainly due to the hills, this plan also confirmed for me that I may have over trained a bit for the 2009 run.  When I look at my times even though slower, I took almost 40 more pictures and the 1/2 as I mentioned was more crowded and like a doofus I ignored my plan.

So what is next for me, get in better shape and lose some poundage.  While my cardio is in great shape, I have never be able to lose weight and maintain performance while training for a marathon.  So that is the immediate goal.  I would also like to do a 5K in under 20 minutes and I know I will have to lose to do that.  Long term what is next: Goofy 10 Year Anniversary!  This is everyone’s 4 year notice to come run Disney in 2015!   BTW this means you LaMee!

Whose with me?

Lastly thank you for following these postings and if you have any questions about running, Disney or even Goofy drop me an email: mhester@microsoft.com

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