Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge Training Week 17: Getting Excited!

17 When you are approaching something as cool as running in Disney World you cannot start but to get excited and I mean


I talk to my good friend Jim, and he is in the same boat.  I talked to my online training mate form Canada, Pearl, she is excited.   We are almost there, and we have 1 week of training, and then race week!  Even though I have run this run before, I am even more excited than the first time.  Maybe it is I know what to expect, or maybe it is I am ready to run and take lots of pictures.  Santa even brought me a small digital camera to carry, instead of the disposables I used last time. 

I adjusted my schedule a touch this week to get my last 12 mile run in on Monday.  Since the gym was closed on Saturday I did not get the run last week.  I probably would have done this today, but a good friend of mine DJ wanted to try 12, and he is available on Monday.  So I said lets go for it, running with company is a great thing.  I hope I can help him get the distance safely.

More importantly I will have some good cross train days this week, and getting ready to pack and head to Mickey’s House!

So here is what I have in store for this week:




Cross Train/ LowerBody




Cross Train/ UpperBody


Rest Rest Rest





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