Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge Training Week 15: Feeling Strong!

15 Only 4 weeks to go until race week, and the hardest part of this week is over I woke up on Monday!  :-).  Last weeks training was great!  I think I had my favorite day on Sat. when I got to run with my good friend Jimmy (a bare footing guru).  We were able to run the 5k in the morning on Sat.  In talking with Jim and deciding times to meet and what not.  He decided why don’t we run up to the 5k (4.7 miles), run the 5k, and run home (even though after the 5k we punted on this, we had too much standing around time after the run, and we tightened up).  I was up for it.

So Jim met me at the hotel in the morning and away we went.  It was great running with him and even better he got to see my form.  I have been trying to get away from heel striking as much as I could.  While I still strike, Jimmy noticed it was not as severe as before.  So I was very happy about that. We had a good warm up and then we ran the 5k.  I was very happy with my time of 27 flat!  9 minute pace after running 4 before the 5k.  I knew it was faster than normal for me but I felt strong!  I believe I felt strong for 3 reasons:

  1. Running with Jim
  2. Running Outside
  3. Running with a crowd!

One of things Saturday made me realize is how much I miss running with friends or other people.  I have done a majority of my training on a tread mill this year it has been tough.  Even my friend Pearl did 20 last week on the tread: http://disneypearl.wordpress.com/2010/12/13/week-15/  (I hope I have the same strength this weekend).   With the weather getting even colder and Snow, I am inside more often.  So I realized just how much energy having a running partner can give you.  I feel even more confident after Sat. about the marathon!  Thank you Jim for running on Saturday and the conversation after!


Snow Shovel for 1 1/2 hr






5 Hills


Rest Rest Rest




Cross Train/ UpperBody

ATTTENTION: On side note if you read this blog and are getting ready to run with me at Disney, please drop me a line and we can meet up in Florida!

The Marathon is the last chance to run Disney this year, still worth it.  This would be a great first marathon:

  • Marathon registration at 98%!
  • Half Marathon registration at FULL!
  • Goofy Challenge at FULL!
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