Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge Training Week 14: Are we there Yet!!!!!!

14 That was the theme of running last week:

Are we there yet!

If you are a parent you hear this approximately 3.2 seconds after the garage door closes, and that is normally followed up by I have to go Potty.  So why am I using it, I am ready for the runs, and I am ready for Disney to hurry up and get here.  This normally happens in all of my trainings where I am just ready to get  there it happened in week 12 for my last goofy: Goofy Training Update Are we there yet?  So I am getting better, but still I am so ready for the run.  I blame the treadmill last week.  I need to get outside, too easy to hit the stop button and move on.

The frustrating day was on my 20 miler, as my buddy Jimmy can attest to the voice mail I left him, is I had no excuse I felt great, running well, heart rate good, nutrition good.  After mile 9 I just did not feel like running anymore, I was bored and ready to go.  Jimmy helped talk me off the ledge and and ran 10 miles the next day to see if I could make up for it.  You know what I felt great but still ready for Florida!  BTW Thanks Jim!!!!!

So I let last week be and I am ready for a great week of training this week.  The best part is I am going to be able to run with Jimmy in TX on Sat.  It is only a 5k but we will extend the miles and I am adjusting my schedule to get my long run before I had to Dallas.  I hope everyone has a great week and here is my schedule:


Cross Train/ LowerBody






5 Hills


Rest Rest Rest


6 miles (do the 5k 2x)


Cross Train/ UpperBody

Last chance I would imagine to register:

  • Marathon registration at 96%!
  • Half Marathon registration at 99%!
  • Goofy Challenge at 99%!
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