Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge Training Week 11: Paying the Bill

10 So last week I talked about getting back to it and I happy to announce this week was fun and I found the training fun and great!  However, it got me thinking about a time when I did not get back into it and I wanted to share the story.  So this is a bit different,.  I do not meant to scare anyone out of running, but I hope this post you learn to have a safer run.  That is the way it should be.

The reason I stressed about not slipping, is I did this going into the 2005 Marine Corps marathon.  During my training, I had missed a few runs, and I got 16 miles in one weekend.  The next week I was sick, and just told myself 16 is enough, and I really blew off the rest of my training.  I did not get back to it, and I learned the very hard lesson of:

pay during training or pay during the marathon.

So I went into the run, and I cratered right around mile 20.  Mile 20 is when the lack of training, proper nutrition, proper hydration all came to a head in a perfect storm.  I finished but I was hurting pretty bad.  As I was going through going through the food line, bagels, Gatorade, water, bananas….etc.  I found a place and I tried to eat..  That is right I tried to eat.   I could not eat and barely sip the water I had.  I thought I was just tired, and decided to sit and rest for a minute.  I sat down, and started to cool down and felt a little bit better. 

I still could not eat, so I decided to stand up and walk around a bit to try to keep loose.  When I stood up my vision started to tunnel and I got real foggy and hazy.  Lucky for me a Marine volunteer was nearby and I told him I did not feel right.  They had me sit down while they took my blood pressure.  I remember them telling me it was really low and they had my lie down.  My blood pressure seemed to get better, and they had me sit-up but the tunnel vision came back, and they had me lie back down.

This is when they  informed me I was going to get a free ambulance ride,  I was dehydrated. and remembered thinking wow, did I really mess up.  I was a little nervous, as they wheeled me into the back of the ambulance and I met Ann who would by emt on the 10 minute ride to the hospital.    Ann was fantastic, and as I was laying there she was going through the litany of questions, height, age, weight…etc.   Then she got to my favorite question here is my transcript

    • Ann: Do you hurt anywhere?
    • Me: Lady, I just got done running a marathon, and I hurt everywhere!
    • Ann: Okay, smart aleck, aside from marathon pain do you hurt anywhere?
    • Me: No, I am fine.

As you could imagine, I was extremely thankful to have the wonderful volunteers and staff to make sure I made it back home safely.  As I was reflecting back, I realized I had not trained hard enough, and that more than any other reason was why I cratered.  It also got me more in tune with my body and listen to the signals, it also told me I have to train for my next one, and my wife sent me an interesting article about some of the risks:

Marathon runners suffer temporary heart damage 

So train hard and train smart, here is this weeks schedule:


Cross Train/ LowerBody






5 Hills




Core/Upper Body Lifting



Still have 2% left to be Goofy!

  • Marathon registration at 92%!
  • Half Marathon registration at 96%!
  • Goofy Challenge at 98%!
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