Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge Training Week 10: Get Back To It

11 While last week could be summed in two words, this week is summed up in on 3 letter acronym:


For runners you know what that means, did not finish.  However, you may be wondering why that is the summary for my week of training.  Simple I got a cold and Laryngitis.  Now I could have muscled through and try to get the runs in, but that would have most likely lead to being sicker longer. So I chose not to run, and get healthy to allow my body to heal so I could get Back to it this week!. 

Before I met Jimmy, I would have probably spent all of this week trying to figure how to make up the mileage.  I think often times as runners we unnecessarily beat ourselves up over missing training weeks.  Yeah I have done the same thing, but sometimes you have to let it go, and Get Back To It.

  • You missed the week training, so what move on. 
  • You did not get the exact mileage you needed to, maybe because you ran out of time, let it go.
  • You bonked on a run, evaluate why and Get Back To It!.,

Also at the same time enjoy your time running, and pat yourself on the back when you achieve a PR, run that extra mile.  Take time to always enjoy your runs and success.  Take time as your running to look around, enjoy the day, the sunrise, the sunset.  My personal favorite after going up a big hill, stop at the top and look back to remind yourself what you did!

My only word of caution is do not let 1 week ruin your training.  Getting Back To IT is vitality important!  When you miss a week you have to be careful that it does not become two weeks, then 3 weeks, then heck I will pay later.  That is the type of mentality when you training for a long run like a marathon that really cause you to get hurt!   Maybe next week I will tell you how this happened to me first hand at the Marine Corps Marathon, because I failed to get back to it!

But simple message for this week is Get Back To It!


Cross Train/ LowerBody






4 hills




Core/Upper Body Lifting



Still have 2% left to be Goofy!

  • Marathon registration at 92%!
  • Half Marathon registration at 96%!
  • Goofy Challenge at 98%!
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