Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge Training Week 4: More Cross Training

3 Welcome to another week, and this week was a very good week of running and work outs.  I find myself really enjoying the training, and really enjoying the cooler weather.  I ran on Sunday morning for my 8 miles yesterday, and I think it was low 50’s.  It was a good solid run, and it was the first week for me, that was a back to back run, 6 on Saturday, followed by the 8.  It was a good reminder of what runs do to your legs.  I was faster on Saturday, but felt stronger on Sunday.  Weird.  I think my legs just figured out what I am going to do to them again in January.  🙂

As we talked about my week 3 post about my lower body workout, I also wanted to share a little bit about my core and upper body workout.  Really it is about the whole body when your running, and while running is great, I have learned the benefits of core training.  Core training for me keeps me much more centered and upright as a runner.  This allows me to focus on my legs, while they are carrying me towards the finish.  What else I have found out about core is breathing seems easier, and more natural.  Granted I still have those runs will I feel like I going to explode, but I recover faster than I ever have, and bottom line I feel better.  Last thing, is core has benefits for other areas as well.  I have found my golf swing has dramatically improved, because of a stronger core.   Also get used to planks and push ups, two great core workouts.

Here is a sample upper and core workout I do:

  • 15 minutes Elliptical machine (get loosened up)
  • 3 sets of 3 different push ups (normal, hands on a ball, feet on a ball) there are hundreds of ways to do push ups, find 3 types and go for it.  I normally go with 1 easy, 1 hard, and 1 middle of the road.
  • hanging knee raises
  • Bench with Bench dips after each bench set
  • Shoulder Raises alternately with Dumbbell Curls
  • diagonal wood chop (bing it).  One way I do it  the gym is to grab a 45 pound plate (or whatever you are  comfortable with), grab I by the sides.  The start with it over my right foot, then cross my body as I push it up to the upper left.  Works the arms, shoulders and core to stabilize the while thing.
  • New one, Turkish getups (tough exercise)

Overall, this will make a stronger run, or at least it has for me.  Let me know if you have any questions.

This weeks fun song, is the from the Blacked Eyed Peas, because I Gotta Feeling  I am going to be FAST!

BTW, ACTION ITEM: I would love to hear what your favorite songs are that you run to (so email me mhester@microsoft.com  and let me know)  Here is my training for this week, have a great week everybody:


Cross Train/ Lower Body






3 Hills




Core/Upper Body Lifting



Registration still appears to be the same from last week: full is at 65%, the half is at 77% and Goofy is at 70% registration!  http://espnwwos.disney.go.com/events/rundisney/wdw-marathon/  Not sure if this right, if someone has recently registered and these numbers have to been updated, please let me know.

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