Interview: In Studio with the guys from Fuller Computer Solutions Part 4

This is the last segment of the show  we talked about my book and the process of how I got involved in writing.  This was a fun segment, and we wrapped up the show.  We also chatted briefly about social media.  I got a lot of my understanding working with Wendy Meadley AKA SocialWendy, and I mentioned her by name in the segment.  She also has graciously offered a free executive tool kit for social marketing from  All you need to do is share your name with Wendy and you will get a complimentary access code through 2010.   Just write Wendy at or go to and mention me or the radio show and she will provide the code/access.

As always let me know what you think, and please comment! 

10 point bonus question, what is the song and band they used to begin the segment, btw it was my request and one of my favorite songs!

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