Podcast: Episode 5 of The Tri-Athlete and the Fat Guy: Barefoot Running

This a great little video where Brian chats with my good friend Jimmy on the concept of bare foot running.  Also Jimmy was recently interviewed by the barefoot runners society (BRS).  Member Profile of the Week - Jimmy Hart, the BRS's New Marketing VP is a Little Goofy.  I would also like to congratulate Jimmy on being named the marketing VP, very cool stuff.  During the interview he talks about how overcome challenges to be a world class runner, and he even shared his thoughts about goofy:

“It’s a half on Saturday and a full on Sunday.  The atmosphere is like nothing you’ll ever experience outside of that place.  The race is challenging, and it’s just over the top fun to run through those parks with thousands of people cheering for you.  I love Disney and go to either Disney World or Disney Land every year.  Now I go to run races there, but even without those, I would probably still make the trip because it’s just too much fun.”

Good stuff Jimmy and see you in January!

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