Announced: New TechNet Subscription Names and Offerings

image Today we announced the launch of the TechNet Subscription Standard  and the new TechNet Subscriptions name So why did we introduce a new supplement to TechNet Subscription Professional? We heard from customers, partners, and the field that we needed a subscription offering that would reduce cost barriers and better enable IT Professionals focused on desktop environments. TechNet Standard is the response to that feedback. 

TechNet Subscriptions is at the forefront of offering a great tool for your tool belt for all of you worldwide.  The picture in the post gives you a little detail behind the new offerings.  To sum it up:

    • Microsoft TechNet Plus Direct is now TechNet Professional. It’s the same subscription with easy to access software you’re used to.
    • We’ve also added TechNet Standard a tailored subscription offering for Desktop environments.

Get a great comparison here: Compare TechNet Subscription Offerings 

The prices for the new subscriptions are listed below and you can learn more or buy one here: Purchase a TechNet Subscription Today 

TechNet Subscription

Price Renewal

Microsoft TechNet Subscription Standard

$199 $149

Microsoft TechNet Subscription Professional

$349 $249

Microsoft TechNet Subscription Professional with Media

$599 $499

Note: Prices listed are Estimated Retail Prices in US dollars for a one-year subscription and do not include applicable taxes. Not in the United States? Select your country.

Comments (4)

  1. Ed McKiver says:

    Will you be announcing a discount code for the MS TechNet Subscription Standard.  The code for the Professional version prior to this announcement doesn't seem to work for the new Standard offering for new subscriptions.



  2. Matt Hester says:

    Yes, we will hopefully have new codes, however TNITQ406 still works until 6-30-2010

  3. mw1957 says:

    I missed this by 2 days any way to find out how to get a code that's current?

  4. Matt Hester says:

    The discount has been extended but is only for the TechNet Professional subscription, you can learn more here:…/hot-off-the-presses-still-going-save-25-withtnitq406-until-10-31-2010.aspx

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