Event Questions and Answers from a few events a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Hey everyone and I apologize for being late, I am sure some of these questions are from early March and some of the events.  So here are the questions.

Q: How big can a VHD drive be?
The limit is 2 TB.

Q: Can you support ISCI San an Hyper-V?
Well kinda, here is a good article that will hopefully clear up the confusion. Booting Hyper-V VMs off of iSCSI?

Q: Where can I find the Deployment steps and downloads?
For deployment take a look at this site for lite touch deployment: Lite Touch Deployment Feature Team Guide

Q: Can RIS install Windows 7?
Yes, although I have not tested it, Vista and 7 share similar deployment methods, you can find more info here: Windows Vista Deployment Enhancements

Q: Does WDS require AD?
Yes, take a look here: Windows Deployment Services Getting Started Guide 

Q: Does WDS use TFTP?
: Yes, you can take a look at how it is used here: WDS TFTP Server

Q: Is there a detection tool for hardware assisted virtualization?
: Yes and here it is, Microsoft® Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool

Comments (2)

  1. la_bruin says:

    re: Q: Does WDS require AD?

    A: Yes, take a look here: Windows Search 4.0 Administrator’s Guide

    What does Windows Deployment Services have to do with Windows Search?  Judging by the surrounding questions, it would seem that that’s what was being referred to when "WDS" was asked about.  This looks like the results of an overly quick search on Technet for "WDS" that turned up ‘Windows Desktop Search’ instead of ‘Windows Deployment Services’.

    I think the link you’re looking for is this:


  2. Matt Hester says:

    Thanks Kurt you are correct, I fixed the link.  Thanks!

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