Podcasts: Even more exciting changes coming in TN 2.0

TechNetResults They have done something for TN 2.0 that should make everyone stand up and cheer!  They are improving discoverability of the information on the TechNet site itself, the changes are many.  They are improving the overall search experience as well as the ability to quickly find downloads you need.  Just take a look at the new and improved results in the graphic, simply great stuff! There are some many changes, Keith sat down with his boss again to talk about them in these two podcasts part 3 and 4 below:

    1. TechNet 2.0 – Episode 1 – Core Scenarios and Branding
    2. TechNet 2.0 – Episode 2 – The New TechCenters
    3. TechNet 2.0 - Episode 3 – TechNet Search
    4. TechNet 2.0 – Episode 4 – Troubleshooting and Download Finders

Check them out and let Keith know what you think, again they are looking for feedback: Feedback requested: TN2.0 is going live  Throughout each week in February, on Tuesday and Thursday, he will post a new episode in the series to enlighten you on some new aspect of the platform changes that are coming.

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