IT Pro Momentum Windows 7 Laptop Project completed with Server in the Future

Another IT Pro momentum project for laptops and the driver support exists for the products.   This also demonstrates how the program is going to be used to gain knowledge for certifications and future server deployments.  Great little momentum project!

momentum Objective: Demonstrate that existing hardware could be used to implement Win 7, and that sufficient drivers existed to make the project useful.

Deployment of the products: Will begin in the next six months.  The laptops are currently using Win 7 on our laptops. Server technologies are planned.

Products used: Windows 7, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Office Professional Plus Suite 2010 with Data Mining add-ins, and Microsoft Expressions Studio 8/Visual Studio 2010.

Scope: The intention of the personal laptop project is to prepare for a near future client/server environment. It will also aid in the training environment so that certifications can be achieved in the MCTS training program toward the goal of MCITPEA. And, a server based Windows SharePoint Services Internet facing production environment.

Objectives: Windows 7 objectives were achieved. (Windows 7 being a precursor to the development of the client/server environment.)

Money toward implementation of this client/server environment were achieved. It is a five year savings until the implementation of SharePoint Foundation which is also being planned.

Project appreciation: The project is greatly appreciated. I would have not been able to have this experience if the project did not exist. The software that I have downloaded and be able to work with has greatly enhance my understanding of Vista configuration, Active Directory, and DNS server such that I will be more likely to implement a four year dream of having a Windows SharePoint Server Farm.

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