Virtualization Webcast Series Starts Today!

As you are all well aware one of the hottest topics in the IT world is virtualization.  So what’s the big deal?  Why virtualize my workloads?  How do I learn more about what the options are for virtualization?  These and other questions deserve some serious attention.  In consequence of questions like these I will be…


Want Some Help on Piloting Microsoft Technologies like Windows 7?

As I have posted in the past we have a great program called Momentum that will help you with piloting Microsoft Technologies. (My previous post: Looking to gain Momentum for a Pilot of Microsoft Technologies?) Well I am going to ask the same questions that I asked when the program first rolled out: Interested in…


Book of The Month January 2009: Buyology

Okay so you just got through the holidays with some great new gifts and goodies.  Hopefully you got you wanted and you gave even better than you got.  so now that is over did you ask yourself either of these question: Why did I buy that? Why did that person buy me that? Well this…


Windows 7 Public Beta Available for Download

TechNet, MSDN and Techbeta customers can download it now. Consumers who want to test-drive the beta will be able to download it beginning Jan. 9 at Here is the full press release: Microsoft’s Ballmer Announces Availability of Windows 7 Beta and Windows Live


Interesting article on Windows 7 Beta Compatibility

I read this great article by Paul Thurrott today: Windows 7 Beta Compatibility  He talks about some of the good and interesting things with his testing Windows 7 hardware and software compatibility.  He talks about the multiple platforms he uses as well as the software.   The article is well worth a look at, especially if…


TechNet Subscriber Discount still being offered with TMSAM09

We are still offering a cool 15% discount on TechNet Subscriptions.  There are more details on my original post here: Are you a TechNet Subscriber? Use TMSAM09 and I can save you 15%  As my buddy Keith hinted at in his post yesterday, there are going to be some great upcoming downloads: Are you a…


Goofy Training — RACE WEEK!!

Finally after several weeks of training, race week is here!  I am a jumble of emotions, but mostly extremely excited to see what the Saturday and Sunday will be like.   From a weather perspective the days look like they will be great running days: Sat, Jan 10 Mostly Sunny hi 76° lo 50° 10% of…