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r2 Thank you everyone for coming to the launch events  and I apologize in the delay in getting the Q/A from the events!  I finally got this post done, amazing when you have some time off the road the things you can do.  So again thank you and here are the questions from launch.  Please comment if you need more information or have other questions.

Q: What are the BitLocker-to-Go Encryption Standards?
BitLocker uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) as its encryption algorithm with configurable key lengths of 128 or 256 bits, as well as an optional Diffuser. The default encryption setting is AES-128 with Diffuser, but the options are configurable by using Group Policy. So what is the Diffuser? The Diffuser is an algorithm that is designed to mitigate a possible class of attacks that involve changing encrypted information to introduce a security vulnerability into the system. With the Diffuser, small changes to the encrypted cipher text of a sector affect the entire sector when the data is decrypted. This behavior makes targeted attacks much more difficult to perform. For additional information about the BitLocker encryption method, see AES-CBC + Elephant diffuser in the Microsoft Download Center ( ).

Check out the full FAQ here:

Q:Are there group policies for document libraries in Windows 7?
A: Not really there are a couple of policies to control, there are a couple to add them to the start menu. In User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Explorer/

Pin Libraries or Search Connectors to the "Search Again" links and the Start Menu

You can add libraries also by right clicking option or by modifying the (.library-ms) file located in C:\Users\<Alias>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries folder.

Q: What versions of Windows 7 can be used for DirectAccess?
A: You need either Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 7 Ultimate with a Windows Server 2008 R2.

Q: Where can I get XP Mode?
A: You can download XP mode here: However, before you download XP Mode, make sure you have a hardware virtualization machine. This is a requirement.

Q: Why is Windows 7 listed as version 6.1 when you run the ver command in the command line?
A: This is a question I got at quite a few events. When you type ver at a command prompt you get these results:


This is due to mainly how internally we count versions and compat. Take a look at a full article here for a more detailed explanation:

Q: Does XP Mode support 3-D acceleration?
A: It seems to be hit or miss on this one, but it boils down to the video card included. Which is a S3 video setup however, it was not created to run any type of 3D games. It is mainly there to run old legacy app for business that can't get their apps re-written on newer OS due to cost or what every piece of equipment the software is written to run. Bottom line, check the application will not work on Windows 7 before you try XP mode.

Q: Does OWA in Exchange 2010 have voting buttons for messages?
A: Unfortunately no.

Q: Does the recycle bin recover computer objects?
A: Yes, here is a good video from my friends over on edge talking with a PM for the Recycle Bin:

Q:Can Novell shares be in a document library?
A: While I technically cannot seem to see this would be problem, I cannot find anything to support it one way or another.

Q: Can you run SharePoint on Windows Server 2008 R2 Core?
A: It does not appear to do so as of yet, here is a fun blog talking about the adventure:

Q: Are there any resources for migration Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003 to Exchange 2010?
Here is a great place to start:

Q: Is there integration of OCS in OWA in Exchange 2010?
A: Yes, take a look here at a great post:

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