Resources for IE 8 and Silverlight Deployment

As some of you know I am very passionate about IE 8 and Silverlight is some great stuff as well.  However, you may be wondering what is the best way to deploy these technologies for your business.

hero_ie8_hover_new Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Internet Explorer 8

  • More Productivity – IE 8 is designed to help get tasks accomplished quicker along with an increase in browser performance and reliability
  • Better Security – IE 8 is the best browser at protection from malware (based on NSS Labs Web Browser Security Report 3/12/2009)
  • Granular Management – IE is the only browser which gives you the complete control to lockdown and fine tune features
  • Easy to Deploy – Customizable install package and support to deploy with many options
  • Easy to Migrate – Maintain compatibility with existing sites via IE 7 mode

Additional Resources:

Silverlight Content - Reasons to Deploy

silver Silverlight delivers the next generation of Microsoft .NET–based media experiences and rich interactive applications for internet browsers.  More and more applications and sites are using Silverlight with penetration jumping from 33% to 45% since July ’09. Silverlight compliments other Microsoft products such as ASP.NET, Windows Server and Windows Media® to deliver unprecedented cross browser, cross platform rich interactive web application experiences.  Silverlight architecture is consistent with Web 2.0 paradigms and it enables enterprise web developers to extend their skills and deliver better experiences. Get ahead of the curve and start taking advantage of Silverlight.

Benefits of Deploying Silverlight:

  • Highest quality, fastest web experiences – keep users engaged with animation, HD video, vector, 3D graphics; multi-thread support harnesses full power of multi-core machines
  • Go out of browser – Run applications seamlessly without connectivity
  • Works with what you have – Take existing sites to next level. Simple integration with existing Web technologies and assets such as ASP.NET and SharePoint® services
  • Access to millions of skilled developers – Tap into the talent pool of 6 million .NET developers
  • Compatibility with Silverlight-enabled websites
  • Lower media delivery costs - Leverage existing HTTP infrastructure and improve delivery over proprietary streaming servers
  • Windows, Mac, Linux – works across every major OS and all major browsers including IE, Firefox and Safari
  • It’s all here – networking, web services, LINQ, generics, threading, dynamic languages

Resources for IT Pros

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