Where did my Shadow Copies go in Windows 7 with an Small Business Server (SBS)?

I got an interesting email from one of the folks, Richard, that comes to my events on a regular basis and he had a problem (from Richard):

I’ve done some more research on this bug using my new production Windows 7 (Enterprise version) machine built with a clean install last week.  I have opened a Windows Explorer window in Windows 7 and also opened a Windows Explorer window in a Windows XP virtual machine running on my workstation.  Then I enumerated previous versions windows of the same share on a server.

I used a share on our Windows2003 Small Business server.  Notice that on the WinXP enumeration we see the actual shadow copy dates that are taken each day at five AM and at 12:30 PM.  On the Windows7 enumeration, what we see is, well, anybody’s guess – showing exactly the problem I told you about.  I can also use a Vista box instead of WindowsXP, and the Vista enumeration is also correct.  Only the Windows7 enumeration is whacked.

Here is the interesting thing.  On the second screenshot, I followed the same process except that I enumerated the shadow copies for a share in our branch office server, which is also a Windows2003 box but is NOT a small business server – and the Windows7 enumeration is correct!

I can duplicate the same conditions for a small business server2003 box using my home office network; both the WinXP and Vista enumerations are correct, and the Windows7 list is unknown and relates to nothing in particular. 

clip_image005So as you can imagine it is an interesting problem and after several emails, some great folks in the SBS group helped to find a solution.  The problem as it turns out it is only with SBS 2003, because during the automated install there was an inadvertent flipped bit on the following registry key:


DisableDownLevelTimewarp with the Value of 0 and it should have been 1

You can read more about the solution here:
Windows 7 Cannot Access Shadow Copies in SBS 2003

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