Nachos vs Popcorn?

Who doesn't love the movies...and the movies' snacks? It's hard to resist the colorful candy packages and smell of fresh popcorn wafting through the air. But for the calorie conscious, which of these salty snacks is the better choice--the light-as-air popcorn or the crunchy chips dipped in gooey cheese?

This one really surprised me from the Spark people. Which do you get when you go to the theatre?

The Low-Cal Winner
Movie Theatre Nachos with Cheese

The average serving of movie theatre nachos (about 30 chips plus cheese sauce) contains 554 calories and 44 grams of fat. If you planned for the treat and split it with your movie date, you won't walk away with too much damage. However, the medium popcorn from the theater packs more than 1,100 calories and an artery-clogging 90 grams of fat (138% of your daily value). Of course, you'd do best to avoid the snack bar completely or bring your own healthy choices, such as bottled water, pretzels, or bite-size raw veggies.

Movie Theatre Snack Attack!
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