IT Pro Momentum powered Windows 7 Project

Here is another Windows 7 upgrade project, powered by the IT Pro momentum program.  The only issue they are currently working on is a POS system.  Overall interesting project.  Enjoy!

momentumObjectives of the project:  Begin to roll-out Windows 7/Windows Server 2008. Problems we set out to solve were for sure Driver incompatibilities. We have mostly Windows XP machines and were eager to see what Windows 7 had to offer and how it was going to handle the older hardware/software

Are you piloting or deploying the products?  Right now we are in piloting products with windows 7. We are planning on moving forward with this.

Products used in the project: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

Project description:  Deploying windows 7 on test machine checking for stability, reliability, and compatibility with older hardware/software. As of now we are having trouble with drivers for printers and software that runs point of sale software. But other than than we are really enjoying this experience

Are you going to save money?  How much over how many years? Yes/no Were currently gathering figures for you right now.

What do you think about the IT Pro Momentum program?   This program is awesome. A great way for people like me to test software that is out and make sure or at least try to keep our company up-to-date with everything. Without this program we would probably not be planning on rolling out windows 7 any time soon. There is nothing I would change about this program.

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