Books of the Month for October 2009: Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Trilogy

frankenFor this month I have chosen a Halloween treat for everyone.  I have chosen a relatively new trilogy for you by Dean Koontz.  Dean Koontz wrote his own twist on the Frankenstein story.  This is almost a retelling of this legendary story and he did a wonderful spooky story in 3 parts:

Prodigal Son

City of Night

Dead and Alive

The great thing for you is if you enjoy these stories you can read all stories back to back.  Even though the books have been re-published they originally came out close to 3 years ago.  What this meant for me is quite simply I had to wait nearly a year between each book.  Which in a word: Sucks!!!  Especially when each book gives you no sense of closure and leave you looking over the edge of cliff…..aaarrggggghhhh.  This is really the only negative thing I have to say about the books.

Dean Koontz set the story in the city of New Orleans, and moved the Frankenstein story into modern times, and yes the 2 original principal characters are still in play.  Dean also adds in a detective, her son and partner into the mix and you are set in a wild ride.  This is vintage Koontz, where he takes you down separate plot lines, chapter-to-chapter until the cross paths.  This is the fun part of reading the book, as you get sucked into a plot line from one chapter, the very next takes you down another road.  Sometimes I would skip a chapter to continue the chapter I was on.

These books tell a great story in an interesting and new way, and I think you would enjoy.  If you have read the books, let me know and if you pick them up let me know what you think.  Enjoy

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