Book of the Month for September 2009: On Being Brown

browns Good day all my fellow football and Cleveland Browns Fans!  This months book is dedicated to the being a Browns fan.  The book is called On Being Brown by Scott Huler.  I normally try to pick books with appeal to everyone, but this month I went for something different.  I get teased, in jest, more than a little for being a Browns fan.  This book really explains about what it means to be a Browns fan.  However, the part of the book I think most everyone can enjoy, is how did Scott become a Browns fan. 

We all share a similar story that even if you do not root for the Browns, on how we first became a fan of a team.  It was our relationship with our parents, and in my case my dad that lead me to being a life long Browns fan.  I cannot say thank you enough, yes even when they go 4-12, to my dad for teaching me how to be a browns fan.  This book does an especially great job at illustrating how a Browns fan becomes.

I know all my fellow Browns fans will enjoy the book, and if you do not root for the browns, the book has some good stories.  Enjoy and…



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