5 Bold Predictions for the NFL 2009

nfl-logo Good morning Boys and Girls it is that time of year again.  NFL starts this evening and more importantly, it is time for my 5 bold NFL Predictions!  If you recall from last year, I did not do so well:

Matt eats a lot of Crow: Recap 5 bold NFL Predictions and I mean a lot of Crow.

So this year, I will try to do better!  So here are my 5 predictions!

  1. Chris โ€˜Beanieโ€™ Wells will win Rookie of the Year.  Now my crystal ball is a little hazy, and might be a little OSU biased, so it may just be Offensive Rookie of the Year.  I go to see a couple of the replays on the games and if he stays healthy could help Arizona a bunch this year!
  2. NFC North in the Super Bowl, probably the Vikings (Sorry honey).  I think a team from the NFC North will be in the Super Bowl, with one exception the Lions, sorry!  When you look at Minnesota and Green Bay, they both have great running games although with AP and ole #4  in Minnesota the Vikings have the edge.  You also cannot count out the Bears either, Cutler will be a difference maker.
  3. By game 6 QB Trent Edwards will regret having a certain receiver from the cowboys on the team.  The bills will not even make the playoffs and I am certain someone will not be happy and may even move to Canada, sorry Rodney.  ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Oakland Raiders will not win 4 games.  I would not be surprised to even if this team goes winless, however they do play the Bengals so that is at least 1 win.  :-)  This team has no chemistry and loads of unproven speed and talent, just I do not see them restoring the silver and black attack.
  5. Browns are going to win the Super Bowl!   Yeah I know I made this prediction last year and we finished last in the division and we had a 4-6 record.  Again I think we the stars can align and miracles have been known to happen in Cleveland!  I feel Brady Quinn will have a lot to prove and will do so.  I think we are poised to have a much better year.  Heck, I will even settle for beating the Steelers at least once this year.  GO BROWNS!

Go Browns!

Feel free to fire away at my predictions, what else are you going to do on a Thursday before football starts tonight.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Comments (1)

  1. Kai Axford says:

    You have obviously gone insane. I predict that Favre will break the streak record in the next few games, and then in a stunning display…simply hang them up, mid-season. Aaron Rodgers is the future of the NFL and the Pack are getting several strong votes for their balanced attack. The Vikes just have Peterson.

    …oh yes..and the Browns will still win the Super Bowl ๐Ÿ™‚

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