SQL Azure Migration Wizard

As some of you know for the events this quarter we are talking about Azure and the power behind cloud computing.  If you want to attend, see my previous post:

TechNet and MSDN Events: Get Real into IT with Azure and Microsoft IT!

Well one of my teammates in DPE, George Huey , created a great tool on how to migrate local SQL database to SQL Azure.  Some really great stuff, you can read the post here:

SQL Azure Migration Wizard 

You can also view the screencast below, enjoy!


You can find the tool here: http://sqlazuremw.codeplex.com/ (both binaries and source)

If you have a SQL Azure account – and you do, don’t you? – try it out.   Use it in your labs.  Tell your coworkers, friends, and influential that are exploring SQL Azure.  Blog and tweet about it. 

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