Thrive Live with the GM of the Server Platform!


Shanen Boettcher, General Manager of the Server Platform group for the U.S. subsidiary, is going to be the guest of Kevin Remde at Thrive Live and IT Manager Community Talks in September. Shanen is responsible for overseeing strategy for the Microsoft server line within the U.S. marketplace. Boettcher has a deep passion and background in product planning, technology and management including his role in the Active Directory and Windows client product group.

Register to join Thrive Live! Virtualization (Wednesday, September 2nd, 9am (PST) and IT Manager Community Talk - Virtualization (Thursday, September 3th, 9am (PST) and learn how you - as an IT Professional - can be more valuable to your company in this economy through enhancing your skills around Virtualization. Kevin and Shanen are also going to discuss how your company maximizes its return on virtualization investment and save money.

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