Server Migration for Centralized Deployment with 2008 powered by IT Pro Momentum

momentum This is a interesting project using System Center Operations Manager.  The project is looking to create a centralized deployment platform using 2008. 

Are you piloting or deploying the products: We are unsure at the current time, We have a lot of testing to still do.

Products used in the project: Windows Server 2003 was initially used but we have moved to Windows Server 2008 and have used hyper-v for application testing. We haven't started any windows 7 testing yet as many of our machines will not support it.

Project description: Our main goal was to make a unified image for windows xp and possibly windows 7 for our workstations. After we initially did this project with windows server 2003 but we are going to migrate to 2008 and use operations manager instead of SMS in our test environment. We have had several issues with older software and hardware while testing the newer technologies but so far have managed to overcome most with either tweaks or placing them on the back burner for the moment until funding is a little better.

Were the objective stated at the beginning satisfied: Semi solved the problem, with more testing I think we maybe able to overcome it.

Are you going to save money: Yes, but I don't know how much at the present time.

What do you think about the IT Pro Momentum program: I think this is a great program to allow small companies, or businesses a way to test new technologies and prepare for the next windows version, deployment methods, etc. I have mentioned this program to several associates that are in the same boat as myself.

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