From Florida To California, I am doing Disney Coast to Coast!

disneycoasttocoastmedal Well running the goofy was not enough for me.  First off thank you for all the folks that commented on the results and I am glad several of you have decided to be as Goofy as me.  If you want to see the results  from the run take a look here:

Goofy Challenge Results and Recap!

Well when I was running Goofy, I learned about this other challenge I was automatically entered in by running goofy.  It is called the Coast to Coast Challenge, and you can learn more about it here: Coast to Coast Race Challenge.  To sum it up if you run at Disney World (1/2 marathon, full marathon or Disney’s Princess 1/2 marathon) and complete the Disneyland 1/2 marathon in the SAME CALENDAR YEAR, you get the really cool medal shown here.

Not one to turn away from quality bling, and figuring I already got the hard part over with.  I signed up for this run right away.  Unfortunately I lost track of time over the last few months, and I just realized I am only 6 weeks away from race week…eeek.

First thought this is going to hurt. 

However, I started looking at the training programs and started to feel better.  Even though I need to run more I have been keeping up with my runs, usually a 6 miler at least once a week, swimming and/or lifting.  After looking at Hal Higdon’s training schedule, it puts me right at week 7 in his training schedule.  So pause for big SIGH or relief, so off I go again. running for another fun adventure!  Have a great day!

Here is my Schedule for this week:

Monday Stretch and Strengthen
Tuesday 4.5
Wednesday 3
Thursday 4.5 and Strength
Friday Rest
Saturday 60 Cross Train
Sunday 7
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