Books of the Month July 2009: Odd Hours and In Odd We Trust

odd This month I have two books to share with you.  One of my guilty pleasures, I like graphic novels and I really like reading Dean Koontz.  So when they are combined, with one of Dean’s better characters Odd Thomas, it is just a golden airport find!  During one of my last trips I saw a new book about Odd called Odd Hours by Dean Koontz

Odd Hours is another great trip with Odd Thomas and his journey to another small town.  I really cannot say more but if you enjoy Koontz, this was my favorite Odd Thomas book.  When I finished the book I saw an announcement in the back of the In Odd We Trust this was a graphic novel about Odd Thomas with illustrations by Queenie Chan .oddtrust

In Odd We Trust is a great little background story about Odd Thomas with Stormy in Pico Mundo.  This was a great little story and gave some great visuals on Odd’s world.  I would recommend taking a look at this book as you begin to learn more about Odd.

These are two great reads that allow you to turn your mind away from work, and enjoy a new adventure.  If you have read these books, or enjoy Koontz chime in and let me know what your favorite Koontz novel is.

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