How can I miss you if you have not left yet?

First off, I am back!  I really did not go anywhere but I have not posted in nearly a month.  There has been a ton of things that have kept me away from my regular post, but I am back and will be posting on a more regular basis.  So what has kept me away?

  • Lack of football, when there is no football, I am not as inspired.  Look for another 5 bold predictions, hopefully I will do better this year.
  • Writing a book, some of you may know, that I am currently writing a book.  While I cannot go into a lot of specifics, it is a cool project and I will be sharing my expeirnces of being a new author.  Very cool but very time consuming!
  • I am moving, I have been in talks with manager for the last month or so, and it is official (as of Monday this week), I will be relocatting, most likely to southern ohio.  I will talk more about that as I get closer to the time.
  • Just needed to recycle the brain cells, hopefully you all know the power just a little downtime can really help!

So what is next, I have quite a few things ready to post over the next few weeks, so cool new free technical bits, book of the month, and technical stuff.  Thanks for tuning in and thanks for the patience! 

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