Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Deployment powered by Momentum

momentum For the next few posts, I will be sharing real customer stories and success with deploying Microsoft Technologies through the free IT Pro Momentum program, to learn more about the program click here:

IT Pro Momentum Program: Still Accepting Applications 

Here is an interested project that was powered by IT Pro Momentum.  This project was for a person that administers desktops and servers as well as evaluate and deploy new technologies and administer storage for a Paperless office.  That also got involved with IT early on like most of we started early in Jr. High and High School to parlay that into a role that would get us into the networking and support positions that would lead to a full IT Position. 

Here is some information from the project:

What was the initial motivation to start this project?

“The windows 7 Project is one I have been playing with at home and having the Convenience of technical support made me interested in the program. I am curious about security enhancements in server 2007. One issue I have in 2003 is Networked share do not disconnect or time out. (I may need to change a setting here) I am hoping deployment of 2008 may fix this issue. the way I access the network storage is \\(ip Address) the only way i know how to disconnect is restart the client or log off.”

Why Microsoft technologies over competitors?

Stability, availability of software, etc... (I cannot get Office for Mac at Wal-Mart) Microsoft continues to improve the Technology in their software.

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