Piloting the future with Windows 7 and XP Mode powered by Momentum

momentum Here is another interesting project that was powered by IT Pro Momentum.  This project really shows the power of the program can provide even to our developer brethren.  This project is being run by a software developer who supports local clients with technical solutions to make their business run smoothly and efficiently.

This project even piloted one of recently announced additions to Windows 7 XP mode. The project overall was an implementation of Windows 7 XP mode to get old accounting software and Hotel management software work on client machines with upcoming OS update across ~ 60+ machines over 9 sites.

What was the initial motivation to start this project?

Our clients in Hotel industry used custom made Hotel Management and accounting software's which did not worked on Windows Vista and this prevented them to upgrade to a secure operating environment then Windows XP.

How did you find your experience with momentum?

It was a simple project which did not required any special help, but after going through momentum help forums I am sure it will be a great help.

Overall implementation so far some technical details:

My clients are looking for a secure operating system with support for new technology but legacy application compatibility prevented upgrading, with Windows 7 and its Virtual XP mode this is now possible. Simple installation and use with excellent results that provided 100% compatibility with legacy applications with all benefits and security of newer operating system.

What are the future plans to expand pilot or roll out the technology company-wide

Upgrade client Windows XP systems to Windows 7 with XP mode when the OS starts retailing.

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