Integrate Your IT Environment, Roadshow Questions, Answers, and Resources

Thank you so much for everyone who attended the Interoperability roadshow the events have been great so far and I am glad we have had a chance to talk about integration. In the events I have delivered I have some great questions and I have some answers for you on this post.

This roadshow also show us a great additional mechanism to deliver the material. During the event we did in Downers Grove last week we simulcast the event, via live meeting. So people around the world joined us virtually as I delivered the session live for the folks in Downers Grove, I have included those questions and answers as well. The live event was also recorded and you can find the links in the resource list below:


Here are the questions:

Question: How difficult to change the password from the Linux system?
Answer: The passwords are synced, you can change it on either side.

Question: How would you add a user to sudoer's file?
Answer: You can control sudo, and discrete levels of permissions two ways. You can do that in the Centrify zone, or via the AD Group policies. He is going to demo the group policy object flow in a moment.

Question: What tool is Matt using to display the SLED system's desktop, VNC, NoMachines NX Client or something else?
Answer: He is using Virtual PC 2007 SP1 and that interface

Question: How much does the Centrify AD tool cost?
Answer: Check with your local centrify rep on licensing, you can find that out here:

Question: The changes he is making now disable PHP in apache ... correct?
Answer: PHP is now set to run with IIS7 so it would probably mess Apache up rather nicely. However, you can run multiple versions of PHP on the same box, so you could run one instance for Apache, and another for IIS. There is a link coming up in the slides to an article that discusses doing that.

Question: Can you run the AMP stack on W2K3 server and IIS6?
Answer: Yes you can. There are some straight forward steps to make it work, if you do a quick search you can find out more, here is 1 example:

Question: Where can I get the IT Pro History video:
Answer: You can find it here:

Question: Can you configure the PHP driver for SQL for SQL 2005?
Answer: Yes, SQL 2005 is supported

Question: Can you configure the PHP driver for SQL on Windows 2003?
Answer: Yes Windows 2003 is supported as well as Windows 2000.

Question: How do you work with multiple versions of PHP on IIS?

Question: Can you manage AD from open source systems?
Answer: While I could not find any built-in tools to give you wizard style management, given the proper permissions you could use LDAP editing tools to accomplish this.

Question: Can you use a Windows Core Server 2008 for AMP?
Answer: Yes, and here is a great article:

Question: Where can I get more information for Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA)?
Answer: SUA was available for Windows 2003 and source-compatibility subsystem for compiling and running custom UNIX-based applications on a computer running a Windows server-class operating system. You can make your UNIX applications fully interoperable with Windows in SUA with little or no change to your original source code. You can learn more here:

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