Interview: Surface Computing and New Opportunities

This was another fun interview with Rick Barazza from cynergy systems.  As you may recall from last year I was able to spend some time with Rick, as we showed of his “Minorty Report” style software using a Wii remote.  Take a look here to see that interview:
Matt on the Floor at SXSW* Talking with Cynergy and a New User Interface

Well this year Rick was doing some amazing things with the Microsoft Surface.  I was able to get some more of his time this year.  We chatted on how to prepare for developing for a Microsoft Surface device and some of the new opportunities that Surface brings to the world of computing.  Interesting stuff. 

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Rick also allowed me to borrow a video of him showcasing some of the unique capabilities of Microsoft Surface.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Comments (2)

  1. socialwendy says:

    Watching Rick Barazza here on your blog is almost as good as seeing him demonstrate the Microsoft Surface table and applications in person- it was a true highlight of sxsw for me-and we saw a lot of technology…his fluency and ability to articulate how the technology can be translated to millennials is amazing- Thanks Rick! Social Wendy

  2. Anonymous says:

    My good friend and teammate Jennifer Marsman just posted a great 5 part series on Surface.  As you

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